Class 3- Details Below! 

We are excited to offer Class 3 at our shop.

Please call 540-868-8517 and we will schedule you a private slot to complete you form 1 or form 4. 

Class 3 Stuff...

Form 1 (Includes Biometrics) 
***Must have E-Forms Account***

$40 Per Firearm

We are here for your Form 1 's and can schedule you to get this process done.  Your fingerprints and picture stay on file with us so if you need to fill out another form 1 or 4 it will speed up the process! 

Form 4 Transfer- Outside Dealer to Customer
(Includes Biometrics) Fingerpints/Picture
***Must have E-Forms Account***


If you purchase your suppressor online and want it transferred in we are here to help! Contact us and we will guide you in making this process as easy as possible. 

Next steps....

What to bring to your appointment

Prior to your appointment we need you to do a couple things and have them ready for your scheduled date. 

1. Create an EForms account at HERE.  
2. Securely write down or remember your login information along with...
     A. Your Login Username
     B.  Your Login Password
     C.  Your PIN number. (You will create this when creating your account) 
3. Be ready for the $200 Tax Stamp charge. We will do this at the final step of your appointment. 
4. Call with any questions that you have. Speak with Travis or Sam. We will gladly  assist you.