Defensive Handgun 1

This course is designed for shooters who are looking to progress in their skillset with a pistol. Students should expect to leave this course with confidence in safely manipulating their pistol and effectively being able to hit different size targets at varying distances.

6 hours 9am-3pm

Cost $150.00 (Non-Refundable, Date Transferable)

Upcoming Dates


Course Objectives:
Firearm Safety Grip/Recoil Management
Drawing with Efficiency
Sight Picture and What’s Acceptable
Trigger Press and Accuracy
Reloading with Consistency
Target Transitions
Single Hand Shooting

What to Bring:
Open Mind and Positive Attitude
Working Semi-Auto Pistol
Three (3) Magazines Magazine Holder
250 rounds of ammunition minimum (welcome to bring more)
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic provided)
Notepad and Pen

**Types of gear or equipment NOT ALLOWED due to safety reasons: Holsters such as cross draw, soft collapsible, Blackhawk Serpa, behind the back, and ankle. If you are unsure, please contact instructor with questions. **