Live Fire Concealed Carry

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Cost $125.00 per Student (Non Refundable, Date Transferable)

Primary Focus:
This class emphasizes the fundamentals of pistol shooting and is aimed towards getting new shooters acclimated. This course is designed for anyone looking to obtain their Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit.

Course Length:
7 hours 9am-4pm

Upcoming Dates- Coming Soon

Course Objectives:
-Firearm Safety
-Defensive Mindset
-Shooting Fundamentals -Loading/Reloading/Unloading
-Equipment and Attire Selection (Male and Female)
-CHP application process
-Responsibility and Laws Range Etiquette
-Skill Development

What to Bring:
-Open Mind and Positive Attitude
-Working Handgun
-Two (2) Magazines
*Holsters are not mandatory for this course as we will be conducting live fire from ready positions.
-100 rounds of ammunition minimum (welcome to bring more)
-Eye and Ear Protection (electronic provided) -Notepad and Pen
-Drinks/Snacks/Lunch Student

-Provide CHP application
-Additional copy of your certificate for application process
-Targets Individualized feedback report from our instructors on specific areas of improvement to help you achieve your shooting goals!

Attire: No open toed shoes. No low cut or V neck shirts. Brimmed ball caps are recommended.

Please check the weather prior to class and dress accordingly. Live fire is conducted at an outdoor range.

Location: Middletown, VA

** NO Live Ammunition allowed in the classroom. Please keep ammunition in your vehicle until range session. Thank You. **